Keys to Life & Living …Forever?

21 May


Peaceful Greetings One and All!

From a young age, I decided I was going to live forever.

Some people think living forever is a myth, a fantasy but, can a builder build a house without the correct tools and materials for the job? I believe, if we never attempt to aspire to greatness, we will never achieve it; remaining stuck in a mode of disgruntled, discontent wishing life was more fulfilling and meaningful.

It is important to break through imposed limitations because we can, in fact, do better for ourselves, and choose life, given the right motivation and skill base. We simply need the right tools to assist us in manifesting our hearts desire to complete the job. So, can you imagine my joy when I realised other people had that same desire and they were not considered lunatics!?

With this notion ever-present in my mind, my life has become a quest for life everlasting; I seek those things that will give life to my soul (inner organs), using whatever means necessary to release, uproot and vanquish the deception and lies planted all over my body within my subconscious mind by an adversarial spirit that is programmed for death.

This quest is not just for me; but for all those seeking the truth and who want to live agelessly, defying death!

Using the words of Ben Ammi, consider this…

“It no longer made sense to me that I had to die in order to live forever. I told death that I felt that I could achieve immortality if he would die. Of course, he was shocked for he was not used to hearing such positions. I simply reaffirmed my belief that I would have a better chance if he would assist me to get rid of him! Of course, satan (death) cannot cast out satan (death). But I could cast him out! And gain unimaginable power in doing so.

And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? … But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God is come unto you.  

Matthew 12:26, 28

Now for the first time in many generations, death is concerned about its future. One thing is certain; he can no longer convince me that I should die to “live” forever.”

 Ben Ammi, Physical Immortality: Conquering Death, p.15

Living forever may not be your goal – yet. You may just want to lower your cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, reduce anxiety and stress, reduce weight from your abdomen or hips, prevent or eliminate fibroids, prostate issues or cancer. If any of these is your goal, you are in the right place to get started in ascending into a new way of life.

LIFE being the ultimate goal, I offer the Antiguan Vegan, in all of its forms, as a step in the right direction to reclaiming our souls from the clutches of death, simply because we were not taught how to eat to live for a LIFE full of joy, peace, freedom, health, wellness and blessings everlastingly.

Peace and love


The Antiguan Vegan

Disclaimer: The Antiguan Vegan Starter Kit is not intended as individual medical advice. Persons with medical conditions or who are taking medications should discuss any diet and lifestyle changes with a health professional.


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