A Spiritual Vegan

31 May


Peaceful Greetings Good people!

You may have noticed that I added a page called Definitions.

Why do we need definitions?

I know …. you are ready for my recipes and pictures of gorgeous Antiguan-spiced fare… I hear you, but first things first…who would I be if I didn’t lay a good foundation for you for this healing journey for mind, body and spirit? Just who would I be? Huh?

Why definitions?

Well…because changing your eating habits changes your vibration and when one resonates on a higher vibration, for instance by becoming vegan, everything begins to change around you…you may (or may not depending on whether you are in-tune) gain access to higher levels of thought. So, the purer the food you eat the cleaner the temple and the clearer the access to Divine Truth!

Changing your eating habits is not the only way to do it… but, being in tune on these levels requires that we re-define the way we do things based on simple, comprehensible Truth! Some of us decide to ignore their calling or purpose in life, and consequently block out the need to connect to the source; rejecting guidance, direction, and alignment to this purpose and then wonder why things just don’t turn out the way they expect it to…

We come from a world where things have already been defined for us and we are supposed to just accept things as they are! Don’t question anything and please don’t think  – just eat! Just do everything how you have been taught. But check this world out for a minute! Almost anywhere we look, it is crumbling around us and people are dying from the mere fact that many of the definitions we have been conditioned by just don’t make sense. To have better health what we eat simply has to change. True or true?

With this in mind, I find it necessary to share some NEW WORLD DEFINITIONS for those of us who are forging the way forward to create a new world; a sustainable, everlasting planet simply by eating plants, changing our concepts around food, why we eat the way we do, and by changing how we define our plant-based support system. For many, changing the way they eat changes everything in their lives and therefore, things have to be redefined through the eyes of a vegan. It often has more wide-reaching effects than many people realise… affecting family, co-workers, friends, the environment, and even strangers. Let me share a couple of examples…

After I had become a vegan a few years ago, I visited my mother who lives in London and she literally cried tears after I made the announcement “I’m a vegan now…” on my arrival. I was shocked! I didn’t understand why my healthy habit made her cry. On probing she revealed, she was sad because she didn’t know how to cook for me any anymore! Unbeknownst to me, by becoming vegan,  I had taken away something from her ability to care for me, to express her love for me through preparing food for me. Not only that I had stepped outside of the conditioning she raised me within. Wow! Who knew?…

Setting a new standard for eating habits for yourself affects those you interact with… In a staff room, some of your co-workers may constantly talk about food when you are around them eating your health conscious grub.

Why is that?

Do they feel guilty for their own choices? Do they actually feel uncomfortable around you now, because, whether they are ready to acknowledge it or not, they know you are doing the right thing?! They go as far as to try to pull you into debates even though you didn’t even start the conversation!

Why is this even important?

I never really understood what the big deal was when I changed my lifestyle, but people around started to treat me differently. I just was not the same anymore and I gradually realised that everything in my world began to change… and while people resist change, it  subtly still affects them anyway!

I was listening to an online webinar the other day and the discussion was about the root chakra and its connection to tribal conditioning. My interpretation of this is, basically this. If we step out of what is the normal standard for our family conditioning, which defines us to them, there will be repercussions, quite often emotional repercussions. For the most part there is a lack of acceptance or rejection as well as any and all other emotions that are connected with these feelings in whatever area of life you make that shift away from your tribal conditioning … creating change. For some people  it may be that they make more money than their parents and it causes a problem, or another person comes from a family of doctors and decides to become a monk; maybe you come from Christian stock and you decide to become a Buddhist or you come from a rich family with wealth to inherit and you turn your back on it all…

In the islands, the inability to allow others to grow up and out, is referred to as “crabs in a bucket.” If one crab has almost climbed out of the bucket, the others never stop trying to pull it back in. Accordingly, when embarking on this path, be aware that some may support you in your escape from the familiar and some may not!

Anyway, back to definitions….

People are drawn to plant-based eating habits by all sorts of motives. Some of us want to live longer, healthier lives and do our part to maintain the earth’s equilibrium. Others have made the switch because we want to preserve Earth’s natural resources or because of being ethically opposed to eating animals. Every one may make his or her own choice as to why.

The term vegan was coined in 1944 by the originators of the original Vegan Society (UK) derived from VEGetariAN. It is a personal way of living that seeks to exclude the use of animal products.

In my view, there are ethical vegans who reject the use of animals for exploitation and commodity, and the use of animal products for any inhumane purpose and, there are Nutritional Vegans or strict vegetarians who focus on not consuming any animal products primarily for the purposes of preventive, regenerative healing and for sustainability of the earth’s resources. To this I add another category: Spiritual Vegan.

A spiritual vegan is one who was drawn to become vegan because the Holy Spirit of Truth would not let them rest until they changed their eating habits! A spiritual vegan may encompass all other categories. The Antiguan Vegan represents the Spiritual & Nutritional Vegan; not that I don’t uphold the ethical philosophies behind veganism, it’s simply because I was first called be become a vegan in the spirit long before I understood any of the vegan philosophical definitions and maintained it because of the immediate and long-term health benefits I enjoyed.

But let me ask you, Why are you vegan or thinking about become one?

Don’t forget to check out the Definitions page to learn more new world definitions.

Peace and blessings,



3 Responses to “A Spiritual Vegan”

  1. Antiguan Vegan November 6, 2014 at 12:11 pm #

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. With you in mind I’m inspired to keep on blogging!!!


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