Where Do You Cook? In a Kitchen or a Nutrition Room?

16 Jun

Tofu Coconut Rice Stir-fry…. I made this last week it was soo delicious! Recipe forthcoming!

Did you miss me? I’m sorry I neglected you… I was soo busy these past couple of weeks with our New World Passover Family Fun day and I didn’t  get a chance to post! But before I get into the meat –veggie meat that is 😉 – of this post, I want to share something with you…

I really don’t like using the word diet! You will rarely if ever notice me using “diet”, except when refering what it IS NOT  life-sustaining!

It reminds me of “dying”…and the food you eat should not cause a slow, premature death! I like to use the phrase “eating habits” or nourishment”.  Something that indicates that you are conscious of what you are putting into your body to fuel your energy system for  healing, loving, growing…

Your eating habits should reflect your desire to live. Adopting the habit of eating living foods – grown in the soil, from seeds – will enhance
the life force energy for your mind, body and spirit, and continuously raise your vibration to maintain GOOD health, even forever.

Wow! Now I feel better and we can begin to share more thoughts and ponderings on where we will be making our sacred nourishment for the soul.

coal pot n jabbaWould you outside cook with this?

Do you know what it is?

Where do we create this delectable food for helping us to live eternally?

Where do you prepare your meals and why do you prepare it?

It’s called a Jabba pot. Its authenic Caribbean earthenware used for centuries for cooking and even baking. It very delicate, made from clay and sits upon a coal pot used for heating the coal. I’d never seen or even heard of it before I moved to Antigua, but some of the best Ital food I’ve ever tasted is made using it.

But this is not the only place to create plant-based, vital vittles with Caribbean style.

We create this scrumptious Caribbean fare and more in what is commonly called a kitchen. But, what is a kitchen?

A kitchen is a word used to describe a space designated for cooking and food preparation for the eating habits associated  with a particular lifestyle. This nourishment may be for self and/or others and this space may be an outdoor or an indoor space.

Modern kitchen

A Modern Kitchen

Western, modern kitchens are typically indoors and equipped with a stove, a sink with hot and cold running water, a refrigerator and fitted kitchen cabinets to store produce, dried foods, herbs and spices, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, baking dishes and so on. Many households also have time-saving electric appliances. The main function of a kitchen is cooking or preparing food but it may also be used as a family room for dining and entertaining.

Some are much more basic but just as functional.

Prior to the 1950s most cooking used raw ingredients and a meal had to be prepared from scratch. The advent of frozen meals, fast food, junk  food and pre-prepared convenience food changed the cooking habits of many, who consequently used the kitchen space less and less resorting to using the hazardous microwave oven. Beware: anyone using a microwave is exposed to short term radiation.

People are noticing from their own experiences that some modern conveniences, pharmaceutical drugs and meat-based diets go hand in glove for maintaining diet-related degenerative diseases, whereas plant-based nutrition supports holistic healing and alternative natural self care methods to effectively nourish the body, helping it to detoxify naturally, providing preventive health care benefits allowing the body to cleanse and heal itself naturally. I know that was a mouthful right!!! LOL.

Joking aside, do-it-yourself meal preparation using raw ingredients, preparing a meal from scratch is making a come-back and becoming more and more popular among the health conscious. There is really only one way to do it. Women now want to learn how to cook and prepare nutritious foods especially to prevent obesity and fad diets!

Also elevating is our understanding is the benefits of eating fresh, raw, enzyme rich produce. There is a big live-food movement and again more and more people are eating more uncooked meals as part of their normal eating habits. Real nutrition is in!

In these times of awakening, we are naturally making the connection between health, life and nutrition, and the heat energy used to prepare it. Eating more plant-based, and live foods not only provides pure nourishment, it is totally ecologically sound!

As we are all relatively new to the impacts of global warming, slowly changing to energy saving alternatives due to the ever increasing fuel prices, going green and appreciating what we can do to reduce our carbon foot print is beginning to come second nature to some of us.

It will also affect the standard way we prepare nourishing meals as we discover sustainable resources, working in greater harmony with nature to harness our natural resources for our fuel and energy and as the world turns, the cycle of cooking outside will again come to the fore.

So, nutrition for nourishment and healthy living should be prepared in a NUTRITION ROOM; it is much more than a traditional kitchen. It is a special space just for creating vital, nourishing, life-giving meals. A nutrition room is the part of the home set aside for the planning and preparation of nutritional foods that will sustain and maintain the health of the whole family. The one who makes this nutritious food is a NUTRITIONIST, and she or he takes care of the nutritional needs of your family and loved-ones.

So more than just a vegan cook, you are your family’s Divine Nutritionist!


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