Antiguan Vegan Nutrition Workshop

5 Sep

WANT or NEED to improve your health and/or eating habits?

Do you have high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure or are you overweight?

Are you suffering with a degenerative eating-related lifestyle dis-ease?

Do you want to take charge of your health?

Do you know that you can?


The Antiguan Vegan Nutrition Workshop is for you IF you…

  • are ready to kick the “I don’t feel good today” feeling right to the curb
  • want control of your health and wellness
  • want more variety and delicious recipes
  • want to sleep better and relieve stress
  • want more productivity and energy
  • want effortless weight reduction
  • want digestive relief
  • simply need help

Understand the effects eating animal based foods has on your mind, body and spirit and the benefits of changing your eating habits at the Healing What Ails Us free seminars. Learn how to prepare delicious transition vegan foods at our new One-Day Intensive Antiguan Vegan Nutrition Workshop and more specialised plant-based food preparation at the Plant-based Master Class(Workshop schedule posted below).


What you eat is determined from what you believe about health and nutrition.

If you believe there is no connection between health and the food you eat, you will eat whatever “tastes good” to you, no matter what it is doing to your health. However, if you believe that the human body has an inbuilt self-healing potential that only requires the right nutrition (physical and spiritual) to maintain health and well-being, then you will Choose Life and Wellness for you, your family and in your foods accordingly.

REGISTER NOW for our Interactive, Hands-on

A 100% Plant-based, Vegan Nutrition Workshop


Melinda, showing off dairy-free cheeze. Great for sandwich spread, pizza, lasagna, macaroni pie…anything cheezy!


The Antiguan Vegan Nutrition Workshop originally started in January 2010.

It’s seven-week debut that was a huge success!

Once a week for approximately 4 hours, 6-12 people came together for a free health seminar and to learn how to improve their health and lifestyle using plant-based foods through hands-on, interaction.

gcganu5Goddard Catering Group (Antigua) Ltd not only sent their chefs, they sponsored several participants to attend for FREE!

Goddard Catering Group is the leading provider of high quality airline catering to many of the world’s leading commercial air carriers in twenty-one countries in the Caribbean and Latin America and I got the privilege of helping them understand how to prepare delicious vegan foods serving flights from Antigua!


Smiling participants showing off their vegan creations: Lasagna & Garlic Bread

I LOVED teaching it!  That’s me in the front row in blue next to Zena. Niki has garlic bread in her mouth and Chef Elroy, of Goddard Catering Group (Antigua) Ltd, is holding the vegetable lasagna. I got such a buzz from sharing, laughing and watching everybody prepare, cook and taste their handiwork’s. In the back is Shakahdyah, June-Ann, Tony, Cory, Uncle Harold, Cutie, Rumiyah …there’s a few heads poking through that I can’t name right now but everyone laughed and joked around all that real food for the soul that much love was in what we were creating and sharing. Everybody got to eat and take some home to share too! It was so much fun! Not only did people learn how to replace meat, dairy, fish and eggs from their eating habits, they lost weight, felt healthier and their families loved the food too.

The original workshop was a 7-week Health Seminar & Workshop

Each of the 7 Workshop sessions began with and introductory seminar on healthy living options such as why plant-based nutrition, how to cook beans, the soy controversy, the importance of live foods, why to reduce refined foods such as sugar, salt and oil. This was followed by participation in creating different delicious meals each week. We made a tofu meal, a vegetable protein meal from gluten/chunks, veggie burgers & peas ball sandwiches, a Cheezy pasta meal, Live food dishes, salads & dressingsDairy-free desserts, and traditional Antiguan fayre in vegan versions of salt-no-fish, no-beef stew, and curried no-mutton!  The total cost value of the 7-week workshop was EC$875.00  but things are changing at Choose Life and Wellness…

One-day Intensive Workshop

To serve you better, the workshop has now been upgraded to a ONE-DAY INTENSIVE where you learn everything you need to get started for your plant-based food journey on the road to life in a day. We spread a grand buffet from all the dishes, bless the food with a prayer, take more pictures then dig in and feast to the up-most on all the delicious food we create. All this value for just EC$475.00. Sign up for the one-day intensive and save EC$400.

Join us! Its easy and fun!

Want to see what else we made?…


Spinach & Eggplant Lasagne

Spinach & Eggplant Lasagna – A big Hit





Antiguan Vegan BBQ Twists

Spicy Barbeque Twists – meat susbtitutes/analog made from the vegetable protein gluten


Veggie Burgers made from sprouted black-eye peas and lentils! 




A Salad Plate: Garden Salad with Sliced Tomatoes, Wakame Salad, Couscous Salad, Carrot Supreme, & Garlic Tofu Salad. Simply Delicious!!!

You too can learn how to make delicious, truly healthy, home-made meals using real food from scratch!


Antiguan Vegan April 2011 38 mango apple crumble

Dairy-free Desserts: Apple Mango Crumble

Finally, you’ll have your own Cholesterol-Free, Dairy-Free, Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Lactose-Free, and even Cook-free Options!



The original series was Hosted at Choose Life and Wellness Cottage, Scott’s Hill, Antigua!

The  One-day Intensive Workshop for 2011/2012  will be hosted at the ONLY 100% Vegan Restaurant in Antigua & Barbuda, S-whole foods & deli, Heritage Quay, St John’s, Antigua 1(268)772-0116

Everyone Needs a Guide to Healthy Eating!


We were never taught in school, and rarely at home, about what is good for food and good nourishment for the soul for maintaining good health!

And, most of our parents eat how their parents ate simply following long-held traditions!

So, being guided is especially important when first making a transition to a new lifestyle, for improving your overall health.

I say lifestyle, because diets just don’t work. You will always find yourself struggling as long as you think of the way you eat in terms of a short-term diet, in which you going and back and forth between eating foods that are good for you and feeling guilty for eating junk, rather than a making lifestyle choice to simply eat healthier for the rest of your life!


Antiguan Vegan Steamed Veggies Dec 2010 (2)

Steaming Veggies!

Stir fry noodles with tofu Antiguan Vegan Dec 2010 (6)

Stir Fry Noodles with Sauteed Tofu!


Raw & Living Dishes: Carrot Supreme

Antiguan Vegan Participants at Buffet

All Smiles & Ready to Eat a Live&Raw Buffet: Pickled Beets, Couscous Tabbouleh, Garlic Tofu, Carrot Supreme, Wakame Salad, Garden Salad and a Dairy-free Salad Dressing!

One Day Intensive Workshop Schedule

Transition to Plant-based foods Level 1

  • September 25th, 2011
  • January 8th, 2012

Transition to  Plant-based foods Level 2 – Live Foods

  • November 13th, 2011
  • March 11th, 2012 

Registration ends: 1st Sunday of each month

Workshop starts: 9.00am PROMPT, 2nd Sunday of selected Month (unless otherwise advised)

Workshop Duration: approx 6-8hrs


Workshop value EC$875

Now only: EC$475

All prices are subject to change without notice.

We have limited space so register early to avoid disappointment.


Preparation and administration for workshop cannot begin without receiving your fees!

If you any difficulties with anything…please call me!


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