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16 Sep


Healing What Ails Us, Naturally

Learn how to heal your  Mind, Body and Spirit …and the Benefits of Regenerative Holystic Healing for Health, Wellness & Healing what ails YOU! Find out

·        What regular habit is making you sick?

·        Why Plant-based Vegan Nutrition Transforms YOUR Health

·        The Truth about Plant Proteins & Animal Proteins

·        The effects Modern Eating Habits have on Your health and longevity

·        How to use the Whole food Supplements & Super foods

·        Importance of Alkaline Foods & Live Foods

·        How to transition from meat-based diets to Plant-based Living

·        How to prepare it, lose weight & restore health!

·        How to Detoxify the body

·        How to Heal the emotions, traumas and the past

·        What is degenerative dis-ease and how YOU can reverse it!

·        How to Lower your Cholesterol levels, HBP, excess pounds

·        How to combine it all for effective healing of mind, body and spirit

·        And… so much more!


Healing What Ails Us, Naturally – Multimedia Seminar Series pt3 – FREE

  • Sept 6th, sWholefoods & deli, High Street, 5.30pm 

Medical Benefits Scheme – Diabetes Day – Food Demo & Presentation – FREE

  • Sept 16th, MBS Parking Lot, Nevis Street 1pm

Healing What Ails Us, Naturally – Multimedia Seminar – FREE

  • Sept 20th, Antigua & Barbuda Museum, Long Street, 7pm

WANT or NEED to improve your health and/or eating habits?

Do you have high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure or are you overweight?

Are you suffering with a degenerative eating-related dis-ease?

Do you want to take charge of your health?

Well, This workshop is for you!

Antiguan Vegan Intensive


Updated schedule to be posted soon…


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