Spicy Dahl – Yellow Split Pea Soup

10 Feb

Shalom good people,

I had to make this warming, spicy soup because I’m in London and it started snowing today!!!

Spicy Dhal – a warming soup from yellow split peas

I haven’t experienced snow in years!!!!

It’s snowing in London!

Nothing  at all like the tropical climes of my Antiguan Vegan beginnings! Look at the difference in the view outside! It really does not compare, does it? Which would you choose?

This warming spicy island soup is inspired by my Guyanese connections: brother Yehoshuah C. Thom and our friend, Sister Daphne who both separately made the most memorable Dahl I’ve ever tasted in Antigua. This is a popular soup in Trinidad and in Guyana due to the Asian influences in these countries. Some Guyanese have been in Antigua so long they are refered to as” Guytigans”!

The Goodness of Split Peas
A single cup of cooked dried peas in your daily diet provides 65.1% of the recommended daily fibre which help to bind fatty wastes and escort them out of the body. They also provide a good amount of vegetable protein, two B-vitamins, and several important minerals.

The soluble fibre found in split peas helps

  • lower cholesterol
  • irritable bowel disease (IBS) and diverticulitis
  • reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer
  • help stabilize blood sugar levels
  • detoxifies sulfites
  • reduces plaque in the arteries
  • promote a healthy heart

How to Enjoy Your Split Peas

Split peas come in two varieties: green and yellow. Both can be used for most recipes interchangeably, but they taste slightly different. The most common way to eat split peas is in soup as a tasty bowl of goodness.

I was inspired to share this spicy delight by my big sister, Debbie, who was bragging about her Dahl soup before I left Antigua a few weeks ago! And Debbie was inspired my little sister, Pileet, who made us the most awesome vegan food as our nutritionist when we were hosting our first ReNew Thyself Wellness Advance in November.  We were licking our fingers! Thanks again P for the hard work you put in that you make seem so effortless all while juggling 5 demanding children!

Pileet and I make soups from split peas all the time, but not Dahl. The simple ingredients for Dahl create a simply delicious meal, as do most split pea soups, but I know you will agree, once you taste it.  I like to use coconut oil when preparing a lot of  my food because it has so many natural health benefits, it’s simply tropical, it add a subtle sweetness to whatever it’s added to and it just makes sense to eat food that grows naturally, locally.

I pray you like my version! Here’s what else you need:

                   2 cups      yellow split peas, rinsed well

                   6 cups      water

                     1 tsp        turmeric

                            7        seasoning peppers, chopped, optional

                     ¼ tsp     cayenne or more if you like it hot

                     1 tsp       sea salt, optional

                   2 tbsp      coconut oil

                            1       onion, diced

               4 cloves      garlic, crushed

                     2 tsp      cumin (jeera), whole seeds or ground

                2 whole     clove, or ¼- ½ tsp ground clove

Ideally, soak you peas for at least 4 hours, and rinse well. In a large pot, bring water to a boil then add the split peas, seasoning peppers (if using), onion and bring to a boil again. Add turmeric, and salt if desired, reducing the heat to simmer. Cover with lid ajar to prevent it boiling over but still watch it carefully. Simmer for 1 hour or until the peas are tender and are melting away. Remove from heat. Meanwhile, heat the coconut oil in a large skillet then add garlic, cumin and cloves.

Cook until garlic is golden brown. Empty the pan of seasonings into the split peas; add cayenne pepper and more salt, if desired.

Stir well to combine all flavours.

Since I actually didn’t have any split peas, I used Mung Dahl which are whole yellow peas so the broth was not as smooth as split peas would be and I wanted it to be creamy like split peas. So, I made the following variation. ( I also didn’t have any cloves or seasoning peppers and it was still gorgeous!).

Variation: Put three cups of broth into a blender that can handle heat; add 6 sprigs of fresh coriander/cilantro, ½ tsp paprika; 1 large spring onion; ½ red bell pepper. Blend until creamy. Return to the pot and stir well. No need to reheat!

Serve hot in a soup bowl with johnny cakes, “buss up shut” roti, matzoh (unleavened bread), vegan naan bread or wholemeal buns.

It was gorgeous. See, almost none left!

What else can you do with them?

  •  A Dip! Make split pea hummus dip using olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, cayenne and some parsley or  cilantro. Enjoy with pita bread or veggie sticks.
  • A pilaf! Combine split peas with a whole grain like brown rice or quinoa and spice it up!
  • Burger patties and peas balls…we’ve made some seriously tasty snacks from these creamy peas!

Keep it Vegan and Stay Healthy !

Peace and blessings,



3 Responses to “Spicy Dahl – Yellow Split Pea Soup”

  1. YouTube Marine Compass Full 2 5 1 Apk Zaneube February 26, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    We also had these crispy fried crepe like breads stuffed with onions and another stuffed with dahl and sweet peas.

  2. Rumiyah February 10, 2012 at 2:07 pm #

    Shalom Rofah!!!!! Lovely!!!!!! You’re doing it! Hmmmmm…I wonder if I have all the ingredients to try this recipe this afternoon?,,,I’ll check. Peace,love and blessings to you always!


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