Sautéed Plantain: Good & Sweet

13 Feb
Fried plantain!

Sliced Plantain sautéed in Coconut oil

Traditionally, the naturally vegan plantain dish I share with you today is called Fried Plantain, but since we are sooooo health conscious, doing the right thing for health, wellness and life eternal, I must remind you that fried food is bad for you! So? What do we do? We use less oil and it’s called Sauteed Plantain!

Plantain makes a delicious addition to any good meal; good meaning good for you. This is especially true for those of us that have a sweet tooth that often needs to be satisfied. Sometimes the spicier dishes trigger this need and the savoury sweetness found in plantain often does the trick tastefully.  It’s good and sweet!

In the tropics there are a few species of the world’s favourite fruit, and plantains, which is one of them, looks very similar to bananas but they are not quite the same. For this delectable side dish or snack, select a ripe plantain for this dish.The skins of ripe plantain often look black and are not the obvious choice when you are new to buying plantain but they are the sweetest. Not too ripe though. Do a squeeze test because you don’t want mush either. Be sure not to get green plantains for this dish unless you will be leaving them to ripen for a week!Green ones are very starchy and best for boiling in hearty soups and stews. Yellow plantains are sweet and can be used for this dish too but for perfect results used plantains that are turning from yellow to black in ripeness. You may just see which ones you prefer.

Photo of four varieties of bananas.

Plantain: Cousin to Bananas – The World’s Favourite Fruit

Plantain is a very versatile food and can be made into porridge, boiled, fried, grilled, baked, stuffed, mashed or used raw in salads! Green plantains are used to make the tropical snack plantain chips; the less ripe they are the less sweet they are.

I often use mashed, ripe plantain to sweeten coleslaw to avoid using brown sugar! This is a great alternative sweetener for live food preparation that many would not consider. This works well for those of you who enjoy sugar-less weeks as part of your lifestyle too.  Who knew?

For today’s Antiguan and naturally Vegan offering, you’ll need: 1 – 2 tbsp        coconut oil    2 large        ripe plantain

Sounds good right? The possibilities are endless…

No worry! More vegan versions of Antiguan traditional dishes and more will be added regularly.


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