Rebirth! Antiguan Vegan in Kenya!

6 Nov

Antiguan Vegan is dedicated to serving those desiring an authentic Caribbean taste while transitioning to a plant-based vegan lifestyle. You can be a vegan for a day, a week or a year or more if you want, but to get the best out of this major change, plant based eating habits is a lifestyle. Is your current lifestyle enhancing your life and living or degenerating and worsening it? The “life” style I speak of positively affects all parts of your life for the rest of your life when done well. It’s not a short-term, temporary phase you go through. It takes commitment and a willingness to continue to be educated about holistic aspects of life and the best nutrition to support your body through each changing season and times.

Learning how to live the best and healthiest life in your body is actually simpler than it seems and gets easier and easier once you develop and get used to your new rhythm in harmony with life. 

It’s a vibration. So, it’s not just about how to eat plants and having the best plants to eat for regenerative health, but also how to eat to live a holistic lifestyle that guards against many of the increasing number of eating related conditions, diseases and imbalances that have the potential to diminish the quality of your health and well-being over time, your environment, managing your stresses, your emotional well being, your inner and your outer world and your interactions with others.

You have to be aware that eating clean food while still maintaining a consciousness that is trapped in the past or negative will still degenerate your soul and diminish the quality of your health, life and your longevity.

Eating plants allows you to strengthen your immune system, your blood, your nervous system and your digestion to help you better cope with modern stresses and toxins that are difficult to avoid. Increasing your plant food intake increases essential mineral and fibre intake effortlessly when you allow yourself to open your eyes to the much wider variety of plant food available that easily replaces the main animal meats that may have been your foundational foods until recently.

Just in case you are unsure of the main animals and the main cuts of meats that may have habitually been placed on your plate, or here is a quick list. Although not exhaustive, it serves to just give you the general idea of meat and animal by-products that have been barbecued, fried, grilled, roasted, stewed, baked, curried, cured, minced or jerked into your mouth, or absorbed through your skin!

  • Horse: beef!
  • Game: Rabbit, Venison…
  • Cow: beef, steak, ribs, veal, burgers, sausages, mince meat, black pudding, salt beef, corned beef, milk, butter, gelatine, whey, chewing gum, make up, creams and lotions;
  • Sheep: mutton, lamb, ribs, chops, Vitamin D3 (aka cholecalciferol);
  • Goat: milk; chevon, mutton, sausages;
  • Pig: pork, sausages, bacon, ham, spam, burgers, black pudding, pepperoni, salami, geletine;
  • Poultry: chicken, duck, turkey, goose, quail, Guinea fowl – breast, thigh, drumstick, wings, neck, eggs, L-Tyrosine;
  • Seafood: fish, shell fish, shrimp, prawn, conch, crab, lobster, mussels, oysters, cod liver oil, salt fish, ling, bonito (a type of fish) flakes and all the by-products of animals and seafood used in food.
  • White Sugar – Believe it or not, is often filtered through charred animal bones as part of the bleaching process.

Ok, you get the idea but why are we talking about animal meat on a vegan food blog??? Good Question! I have a question for you too…do you see where we are going with this?

It’s important to be specific about these foods because many people do not associate the animal meat, the meat products or supplements they take with the animals from which they originate. There is s total disconnect as if it grown in the back yard of the butcher’s, or just appears in his deep freezer, in a drug store, or a supermarket!  Many of my clients have been surprised when point out that cod liver oil should be replaced with cold pressed flax seed oil. Yes! It’s true cod liver oil does come from a cod’s tiny liver! Imagine how many cod fish have been sacrificed for the sake of a bottle of gelatin encapsulated cod liver oil for human consumption?  Anyway, moving along quickly…

Just to let you know, although I have relocated to Kenya recently…yes…so exciting… I took this pic when I went on safari in Nakura enjoying watching the Makaria Falls, giraffes, wildebeast, all kinds of deer, baboons, and so much more.

Makaria Falls, Nakuru, Kenya

Makaria Falls, Nakuru, Kenya

I’m still in shock!!! It won’t stop me from sharing veganised Caribbean delights and now maybe with an East African influence.  Also, I know it has been a while since I posted anything, but there have been a lot of changes in my life over the past couple of years… A spiritual shift, an ascension, a very necessary adjustment had to take place for greater authenticity and integrity! Not in terms of food.. No, I doubt very much that anything could shake my roots. This is one plant-based vegan tree that is definitely securely rooted! I’ve gained way too many benefits to go back to eating animals. That’s not I was talking about. I’m talking about my holistic lifestyle… I’ve had to uproot, pluck out and discard at lot of ways and beliefs that were attempting to destabilise my spiritual, mental and emotional well being and therefore, my ability to serve you at my highest and my best.

For years I’ve been fighting an internal battle, internal stresses, a war in the heavens no less. So I’m glad to say I’ve won the battle. The war is over!  I had to wage war with my lower self and her beliefs and her conditioning from my former “lifestyle” that was killing me, albeit slowly. Who I was before I changed my life style was affecting my ability to be authentic in my chosen lifestyle – a lifestyle for a living soul.  It can create a conflict with any remaining subconscious conditioning if not faced and handled with skill. Remember I said it’s holistic. When you do it right, spiritual changes will occur and your vibration will change. It will cause a change in your language, friends and for some, location! You will simply begin to see things a lot differently.  Gradually, over time, you will desire greater truth and the associated love, peace and harmony that comes with wanting more truth in your life and living it. Fe real!

So I say all this to say, I’m back on track. HalleluYah! I’ve ascended. I’ve re-birthed my true self, my esteem, passion and purpose and I’m feeling good! If any of this resonates with you, please contact me to begin your Rebirth!  journey or click here for more information.

In recompense for my tardiness, today’s Antiguan Vegan delightful offering is… hot pepper sauce!

Peace, love and light,



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