9 Ways to Increase Lymphatic Drainage

1 Dec

Exercise to Help your Lymphatic System

Do you sweat of perspire when you exercise? When you exercise until you sweat you help the body to burn sugar,  fat, excess weight, and to get rid of toxins collected by your lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system, or lymph system as it is also called, is a system made up of glands, lymph nodes, the spleen, thymus gland and tonsils. It bathes our body’s cells and carries the body’s cellular sewage away from the tissues to the blood, where it can be filtered by two of the body’s main detoxification organs: the liver and kidneys. Exercise promotes lymphatic drainage, but to function optimally, the lymphatic system needs gravity and muscle contraction to flush the toxic wastes it collects.  Make moving your body a daily requirement, even if it’s just a 10 minute walk. For your regular exercise, alternate between high energy workouts and walking, yoga or Pilates to include mindful, calming and restorative benefits.  What about Rebounding? Rebounding is fun tooIt provides all the benefits of running, working your heart, lungs and muscles… without the impact on your legs or fighting nature’s elements.

Your largest pathway for detoxification is your skin. When you sweat or perspire (!) the lymphatic system is able to release these toxins by naturally flushing them out of the pores of your skin.
In addition, ample exercise also helps with digestion, circulation, metabolism and hormone balancing.

Here askin-brushesre 9 Ways to Improve Lymphatic Drainage:

  1. Dry Skin brushing
  2. Exfoliate your skin and open up clogged pores
  3. Try a Steam Room/Wet Sauna to move your circulation
  4. Daily Exercise
  5. Deep, conscious breathing
  6. Rebounding – jumping on a mini trampoline
  7. Eat more raw fruits
  8. In the shower, alternate hot and cold water for several minutes
  9. Get a regular massage or a lymphatic massage

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