9 Ways to Increase Your Fibre Intake

1 Dec

Increase your Fibre Intake by Filling Up on Fibre 

Are you getting enough fibre daily? Most of us only get about half the recommended daily allowance of fibre of  25 to 38 grams of fibre. Fibre helps you feel full, and it also sweeps the intestinal tract, dragging unwanted toxic debris out with it. Particularly high sources include greens, whole grains, lentils, broccoli, flax seeds (ground), and chickpeas. high fibre veggies

Eating “Good carbs” refers to complex carbohydrates or whole grains, such as quinoa, buckwheat and brown rice. They provide essential fibre and energy during your detox. You can also supplement your intake with a fibre supplement. There are many to choose from so look for one that mixes both soluble and insoluble fibre for best impact. But make sure you up your fluid intake as well. Fibre soaks up water so without adequate hydration, fibre can actually aggravate rather than alleviate constipation. Here are 9 ways to increase your fibre intake:

  1. Take a daily fibre supplement with plenty of water
  2. Eat more raw or cooked greens
  3. Start every meal with a mixed leafy green salad.
  4. Eat two apples a day
  5. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables
  6. Eat fibre-rich whole grains instead of refined carbohydrates (white rice, white flour products)
  7. Every week, switch from a white food(refined carbs) to a brown food (complex carbs)
  8. Soak all beans for 24 hours; drain, rinse then cook them for a are very high fibre dish
  9. Make your next salad from lentils, kidney beans or chickpeas

One Response to “9 Ways to Increase Your Fibre Intake”

  1. Brewsker December 2, 2015 at 9:36 pm #

    Good nutritional advice, thanks for sharing!!

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