Conscious Detoxification

1 Dec

Detoxification was my main area of concern for my clients at Choose Life and Wellness Cottage, Antigua; those seeking natural solutions to healing what ails them. I would encourage them to help the body function more efficiently by using plant based nutrition, colon irrigation, proper hydration, regular exercise, liver supporting and colon cleansing herbs and even spices. Many of my clients were successful using these techniques to detoxify and cleanse the blood and skin, reduce weight, balance hormones, eliminate gallstones, improve digestion and elimination, eliminate constipation, improve complexion, energy levels and so much more.

“The first thing that struck me was the atmosphere of peace and serenity which caused an instant feeling of well-being. I found Tekhiyah to be very informative about the body and its general connection to the food we eat. The colonic was again done in very peaceful and serene surroundings, not to forget to mention very clean, relaxing and comfortable. At the end of it all I felt refreshed and prepared to learn a change of lifestyle for at least 10-days…who knows may be longer.

p.s. The abdominal massage made all the difference in the world!”

Denise Marshall – Antigua

It is amazing the range of benefits that can be gained by detoxifying the body. detox your body I’ve learned so much that now I’m in Kenya, I’m using my holistic skills to creating a series of holistic detox opportunities, programs and even detox kits. Here, I introduce you to the New SALAD…A Sacred Living Detox: my 5-day  SALAD Kit , and my 30-day SALAD Kit! For best results, a detox is best done using natural, plant-based foods to help your body’s pathways of elimination to open up, de-clog and thereafter, function more effectively.

This is the first article in my Conscious Detox series. I decided I had to write more on the natural detoxifying effects of plant-based foods because…

Everybody does not believe in the need to cleanse and purify the body.  Many well educated physicians and medical practitioners decry the use of detoxification simply because they are not taught the natural laws for healing the body, keeping it healthy and what to do to support it. They simply don’t know. These well-meaning folks are taught drug therapy and how to use drugs to alleviate symptoms, not to eradicate the cause of the problem which most often is a build up of toxins. It’s a self-supporting system of dis-ease, drugs, and hospital care with profits as the bottom-line, not your real quality of health. This is the major difference between natural and allopathic methods. Fortunately, there are increasing numbers of pharmacists and medical doctors that have begun to see the light and offer integrative approaches to health, healing, ease and balance instead of continually promoting sickness, and more dis-ease through drug use.

As the saying goes, he who feels it knows it. It’s only when you experience a conscious, holistic detox that you’ll know for certain whether a detox is effective for you or not. Mother Nature knows best and when you are able to tune into your body and understand what your symptoms really mean, what they are telling you, you will let your body complete its natural detox processes for cleansing and purifying itself, instead of impeding and disrupting the process by using drugs and medication. Depending on what they are used for, the use of drugs only slow down the whole healing process. Drugs and medication have their place, but just not all the time, for everything and often contribute to creating more toxic health issues when used for extensive periods of time.

Toxic toxins and toxicity is not new – it’s always been there but our ability to handle it has changed, hence the need to help our bodies with detoxification. Much of these toxins are man-made, as a result of the industrial revolution, technology, and other “advances” that affect every living species and everything in the environment including us.

Detox, detoxify and detoxification, have become household buzz words these days, and with good reason. We are negatively affected by toxic toxins and toxicity and our lack of knowledge of how to manage the increase.  Over the past 100 to 150 years, the increase in global toxic levels have reached an all time high.  Your body adapts to the toxic increase you ingest via food sources and absorb from the environment, by increasing your stress, imbalances, and dis-eases, shortening your life spans at the hand of increased cancers, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases and so much more needless suffering. There has to be another way, don’t you think?

When you effectively use your conscious power and ability to adapt to your environment, you are blessed with the power of choice. Using your choice gives you the power to change. Through change you can limit what you allow into your environment and help your body better manage the toxic load. When you prevent or limit known toxins from entering your environment, your body, your soul, you are exercising your power of choice to help your body adapt to things that are out of your control. But, as global the toxic load increases and you do nothing about it on a personal level, the likely hood of your health challenges increasing, becoming imbalanced, ill-at-ease, more stressed and dis-eased, no doubt, will increase also.

In the name of Science, much accepted, modern laboratory work contributes to the problems we as a global community are facing. From genetically modified seeds, crops and food, hybrid foods,  drugs and pharmaceuticals, chemical wastes and pollutants,  fertilisers, pesticides, and dioxins – changing the genders of animals, including humans – artificial colourings, additives, household cleaning supplies, non bio-degradable products such as plastics, and food enhancers, mono-sodium-glutamate (MSG), excitotoxins, artificial sweeteners  such as aspartame, saccharin… even eating animal flesh is not natural to our physiology.  There is so much more that can be said, and none of it is natural. Science creates and records it, and ultimately we suffer from it because it goes against the natural laws and universal principles that govern the health of your soul and your potential longevity. This  toxic load is surrounding your cells right now, and directly impacts you down to your genetic core. This, as you can imagine, not only impacts and how you look, feel, and behave today, it also significantly impacts the health of your children for generations to come unless you take steps to halt the effects on your DNA, your genetic coding, NOW.

Dr. Tekhiyah, meeting you has been one of the best experiences of my life. I thank Yah for you every day, and even though I say this to you all the time; I’m really glad that you came to Kenya. You have a wealth of knowledge about the body and natural healing and what I love most about you is that you are willing to share this knowledge and draw from your own experiences. You listen and that makes a big difference. I don’t think I have felt “heard and understood” as a woman before… Thank you for helping me to work through some deep rooted issues. Everything I had to face is rooted in fear; fear of being alone, fear of rejection,  fear of shinning, fear of failure. Now I see the difference in my life… As a result, I notice that I feel lighter. I don’t carry the heavy baggage I did a few months ago….I’m finally seeing the real me. It’s not as hard as I thought and I love the freedom of being me!! No more masks! I have made a choice to take off my mask and wear my face. I’m comfortable, peaceful and grateful…You are the heart of the people. You make them whole; you help them through their rebirth. Yah knows we as a people need a rebirth, how better than to start with ourselves and each one touch one. Words can’t quite capture my gratitude for what you have done for me and what you are going to do for my people….Kenya.

Jacky, Kenya 

This is where conscious detoxification comes in.  Our evolution depends upon how well we adapt to our environment – our ability to survive, change and ascend – not just grow. Our consciousness has to ascend out of one that continues to seek ways to destroy the environment that we depend on for our survival. The most basic and natural life supporting systems are the air we breathe, the plant-based food we eat and the water we drink.  There is no other source for us to obtain our energy needs for a health mind, body and spirit. So, if it’s contaminated, how can you expect not to fail under the increasing onslaught of toxins, negativity and poor choices?

Consider, the diseases and illnesses that we used to beset us much later in life, maybe in our 70’s or even 80’s, we now suffer in our 20’s and 30’s. I know you can name a few people who have become sick at an early age, cant you? Examples includes, diabetes, caners, heart disease and high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes…  Even our children and teenagers dis-ease rates have escalated to unprecedented levels. Reproductive complaints such as fibroids is occurring in much younger women than ever before too.  But why is this happening? Simply, we were not really taught how to live. We were not given parameters to limit the extent to which we upset the balance of natural living with scientific inventions that affect the purity of life and the sanctity of the environment and the healthy balance of our blood.  Therefore, we suffer the consequences.

Everyday, the need to detox becomes more and more relevant if you want to take control of your health. The understanding of the cumulative effects of man-made toxins is recent. It is noticed now because we are suffering from sicknesses and dis-eases that were never heard of before; certain toxins just didn’t exist before. Your awareness has to increase so that you can protect your health, and gain the understanding you need so that you can help yourself.

Part of a resilient species, you are! Amazingly, your body was created with the capability to heal itself when provided with the right environment, and tools, to allow it to naturally do its detox and healing thing.  When you cut your finger, your blood and skin naturally go through a healing process totally unaided by your conscious mind, doesn’t it? But there is a limit to what it can handle without conscious intervention, especially when already overloaded.

In an ideal world, your body would eliminate toxins with ease. However, as our exposure to toxins increases, our ability to deal with them, unconsciously, decreases. The solution? A detox.

Now, more than ever, we need to reduce unnecessary toxic exposure, build up our nutritional reserves to reverse the deficiencies and imbalances caused by toxicity, strengthen our inbuilt, natural buffer – the immune system, and, open, de-clog and support our natural pathways for detoxification – the liver, the kidneys, the colon and the skin.  When you increase your awareness of the toxic load you are swimming in, step up your life game and your need to help your body to manage, you activate toxic-load damage-limitation lifestyle habits and become conscious. You have to consciously help your organs keep you whole, healthy and alive. It cannot be taken for granted, given the world in which you currently inhabit, the pervading “lifestyle” has not truly taught you how to sustain life and living, healthily has it?

By taking this approach, energetically, you change your environment and evolve your world to create a better place to inhabit. This approach awakens your consciousness to what you personally can do to reduce your toxic load and be an example of how to live in harmony with the natural earth and natural laws for healing, not with the man-made deleterious effects.  Just by being yourself, true to your innate nature, you have more power than you realise to change the world by changing your own personal habits.

You are unique.  Do you personally need a custom, tailor made way to detoxify your system, to assist in your personal battle against imbalances created by the toxins ravaging your soul? Maybe. You truly need a system built around your own unique biochemical makeup to address your own health challenges. Don’t you?  This means you have to pay attention to your body talk. What message is it giving you? What does it mean you have to do? Are you even tuned in and listening to the cues of your body? Sometimes, you will simply need help to decipher the message of your body talk by consulting a professional Naturopath or healer.

Remember, going back to your same old habits after you detox is more detrimental to your body than not detoxifying at all. Eliminating or considerably cutting down known toxins is the first step in detoxifying your body. The key is to always bear in mind your health goals and reasons for wanting to shed your toxic load in the first place.

The beauty of Creation is that there are certain natural laws and biochemical reactions within your soul that are universal and apply to everyone.  All praises! The Creator is truly great! With that in mind my next post in the conscious detox series 6 Daily Detox Tips has a few considerations to bear in mind as you take charge of your health, choose life and living, and activate your toxic-load damage-limitation lifestyle habits. Dont forget, learn more about the New SALAD right here!

Choose Life Well!


[Testimonial ]

Thank you so much for sharing this new information. I did my detox and I feel absolutely fabulous. I actually feel new again!! Like a reboot. Thank You I also spent some time on the anger tool kit and found it very helpful. I realized that I had a lot of resistance accepting that I was pent up my anger and refusing to allow it to come to the surface for clearing. I was always brought up to believe that people who have anger outbursts are weak. So over the years, I learnt to hide my anger. What caught my attention in the article that you shared on anger was that anger is a gift. Gift??? A gift??? The light bulb has finally come on in my head! I’ve been looking at anger from the wrong side. As a weakness and not a strength (well, anger under control!) I begun to allow the feeling of anger to wash over me and tapped and cried, and wept and groaned until there was nothing left. I let go. I surrendered to what is. This morning as I woke up, it occurred to me that anger is an energy. If tapped into correctly it can propel you into the right action. I remember Rumiyah saying that the fire comes to refine you or to consume you. For a moment there, I was almost consumed. But taking time to step out of my square and have a bird’s eye view of everything gave me an Aha! moment. The anger I have felt was to refine me, build up energy to act. Build up the courage to stand up and speak to those who want something better for their health and they don’t even know what they are looking for. Courage to say no when everyone else is dancing to a tune they didn’t play. Anger and the effects of it have propelled me to action, catapulted me to my purpose. Now, I wake up with resolve, determination, and the vision to see that what we are about to do for this country and Africa, is far beyond what we can imagine. So in humility, I say thank you sister. For all the experiences you have gone through and the sacrifices you have had to make and are still making, so that you can bring this life giving message to us. Words cannot express how grateful I am. You came to Kenya in February, which was 9 months ago. You once shared a dream with me that you saw yourself helping women to rebirth themselves. Today I stand to testify that I am a new woman. One who has come through the fears, and challenges into the light. Your spirit has resurrected my spirit. I see it so clearly now. You are blessed and highly favoured. A rare jewel. So I was led to share my thoughts this morning and to appreciate you, for all the women’s lives you have touched and maybe no-one has said thank you.  Thank you Tekhiyah, for who you are.   I love you.  We love you. Africa loves you,

 Yoellah, Kenya


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