WOV Rofah Tekhiyah E. Ammi

The Antiguan Vegan

I finally became a vegan in 1996, after a few failed attempts, influenced by the lifestyle exemplified by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem.

I traveled between London, Antigua, Israel and Ghana over the next few years and I was blessed to study and elevate my lifestyle to a new way of thinking, being and living.

I started a nutrition workshop in 2010 called the ANTIGUAN VEGAN and had so much fun and joy doing it, I decided to provide more resources to help anyone with a desire to learn how to make delicious vegan dishes for the Caribbean palate.

 I will be adding new recipes regularly to the Antiguan Vegan to get you started if you haven’t already embarked on the road to LIFE. There is no time like NOW to do what is best for your mind, body and spirit and to me, it truly starts by eating cleaner, quality food. The peace alone that brings has the power to set you in the right direction in other aspects of your life…

So, when you just don’t know what to make or you have just the basics to work with and you don’t want to wonder how it will come out, this will help you out! I pray!

It’s important for you and the planet to increase the amount of plant-based foods that you consume to keep you, and the planet, healthy, maintain wellness avoiding illness. So, I’m building this resource mostly but not only for Antiguan recipes and other classic Caribbean dishes that can be made with plant-based goodness and vitality. Some of the dishes are naturally vegan like fungee, johnny cakes, pumpkin soup, pancakes, patties, cakes and deserts, ducana, fried plantain and  Dahl …and there’s so much more. The Caribbean is influenced by many cultures so some of the dishes shared may just have some extra island love, peace and zing!

Let me know if you have a favourite recipe that you would like a healthier vegan version of. Send it to me and we will see what we can do! We will also be sharing menu ideas too for guaranteed good food, risk free!

I am a Doctor of Natural Healing and Preventive Health Care; Certified in Regenerative Nutrition and Holistic Healing;  Colon Hygiene; Massage Therapy; Reiki Master, Reflexology; Abdominal-Sacral Massage (Mayan); Pre-Conception, Pregnancy and Postnatal Reflexology. Part of The Ministry of Divine Health, Hebrew Israelite Community, Dimona, Israel. A published writer, I  periodically write articles on HEALABILITY for Business Focus Antigua.

My interests include plant-based, holistic living, ascension,  healing, pre-conception, sustainability, bodywork, women’s wellness workshops and advances, yoga, colon irrigation, detoxification, vegan nutrition, Caribbean vacations, health, sacred, regenerative truth-centred lifestyles, emotional freedom technique, introspective healing, healing cellular memory, immortality… and other lightweight stuff like that, you know? 🙂


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