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18 Reasons You Need a Vegan Starter Kit

14 Sep

What if you could make one immediate change in your life that would significantly improve your health AND decrease global warming along with other damage to the environment?

With a Vegan Starter Kit you can! I’ve gathered 18 FREE Vegan Starter Kits to get you on the right track. Once you understand how and why to stop eating meat it is, most probably, the best thing you can do to save the environment and improve your health. Who wouldn’t want that?

According to the United Nations, Sierra Club, World Watch Institute, Al Gore’s Live Earth, and many others, eating plant-based nutrition will save the plant. Even replacing just some of the meat you eat with plants such as grains, vegetables, legumes, fruit, and other plant-based foods will make a massive difference to your health, your environment and the world!

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