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18 Reasons You Need a Vegan Starter Kit

14 Sep

What if you could make one immediate change in your life that would significantly improve your health AND decrease global warming along with other damage to the environment?

With a Vegan Starter Kit you can! I’ve gathered 18 FREE Vegan Starter Kits to get you on the right track. Once you understand how and why to stop eating meat it is, most probably, the best thing you can do to save the environment and improve your health. Who wouldn’t want that?

According to the United Nations, Sierra Club, World Watch Institute, Al Gore’s Live Earth, and many others, eating plant-based nutrition will save the plant. Even replacing just some of the meat you eat with plants such as grains, vegetables, legumes, fruit, and other plant-based foods will make a massive difference to your health, your environment and the world!

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Rebirth! Antiguan Vegan in Kenya!

6 Nov

Antiguan Vegan is dedicated to serving those desiring an authentic Caribbean taste while transitioning to a plant-based vegan lifestyle. You can be a vegan for a day, a week or a year or more if you want, but to get the best out of this major change, plant based eating habits is a lifestyle. Is your current lifestyle enhancing your life and living or degenerating and worsening it? The “life” style I speak of positively affects all parts of your life for the rest of your life when done well. It’s not a short-term, temporary phase you go through. It takes commitment and a willingness to continue to be educated about holistic aspects of life and the best nutrition to support your body through each changing season and times.

Learning how to live the best and healthiest life in your body is actually simpler than it seems and gets easier and easier once you develop and get used to your new rhythm in harmony with life.  Continue reading

A Healing Journey Begins

15 May

Well, this is it PEOPLE!!!

I finally did it.   What?  you may ask…

The Antiguan Vegan Starter Kit of course!

This is just what you were waiting for, right?

 I heard your cry and it was answered! HALLELU YAH.

You asked for some really tasty vegan dishes with a Caribbean flair and this is it.

There are many free vegan and vegetarian starter kits available online,  but I thought it would be good to share my perspective on it too and add links to the offerings of others to add variety and spice to your palate!

What is a starter kit?

A starter kit contains things you need to get started!  So, in this case I will provide recipes and guidelines for maintaining wellness using regenerative nutrition, creating a nutrition room, aspects of sustainable living, cultivating your own backyard organic garden, live foods, solar cooking, island spices, recommended supplements…Whoa!!! Let me not get carried way…let me get back to starters…

The Antiguan Vegan Starter Kit was inspired by the Antiguan Vegan Nutrition Workshop that I teach to help those that need hands-on, tangible help to transition away from consuming animals, especially tor healthcare purposes.  The inspiration came to create another resource to get people started that may not be able to attend my nutrition workshop and want to experience Caribbean spiced plant-based nourishment! 

Now for those that can take a recipe and turn the kitchen out, this is perfect for you. For those of you who prefer to watch and learn then contact me to sign up for the Antiguan Vegan Nutrition Workshop. So, if you’ve landed here and you are not interested in eating Caribbean spiced foods there is vegan starter kit resources provided for you in the side bar!

Even Oprah did a 7-day Vegan Challenge!

The Antiguan Vegan Starter Kit contains tools and information to get you started on the road to a healthy life of wellness, longevity and beyond. Once well equipped, at ease and with understanding, you are bound to heal what ails you from the gradual changes you make to your mind-body-spirit and maintain Divine health!

This a special place for us to share vegan recipes for mouth-watering plant-based foods with a Caribbean-style; it is also a healing journey for helping one another to “holystically” heal your mind, body and spirit with food

The cleaner you eat the higher your vibration and the quicker you heal, restoring and  maintaining GOOD health and wellness.

I look forward to sharing my Antiguan Vegan experience with you.

I am excited!
Peace and love,


The Antiguan Vegan

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