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18 Reasons You Need a Vegan Starter Kit

14 Sep

What if you could make one immediate change in your life that would significantly improve your health AND decrease global warming along with other damage to the environment?

With a Vegan Starter Kit you can! I’ve gathered 18 FREE Vegan Starter Kits to get you on the right track. Once you understand how and why to stop eating meat it is, most probably, the best thing you can do to save the environment and improve your health. Who wouldn’t want that?

According to the United Nations, Sierra Club, World Watch Institute, Al Gore’s Live Earth, and many others, eating plant-based nutrition will save the plant. Even replacing just some of the meat you eat with plants such as grains, vegetables, legumes, fruit, and other plant-based foods will make a massive difference to your health, your environment and the world!

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Wellness Events

16 Sep


Healing What Ails Us, Naturally

Learn how to heal your  Mind, Body and Spirit …and the Benefits of Regenerative Holystic Healing for Health, Wellness & Healing what ails YOU! Find out

·        What regular habit is making you sick?

·        Why Plant-based Vegan Nutrition Transforms YOUR Health

·        The Truth about Plant Proteins & Animal Proteins

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A Spiritual Vegan

31 May


Peaceful Greetings Good people!

You may have noticed that I added a page called Definitions.

Why do we need definitions?

I know …. you are ready for my recipes and pictures of gorgeous Antiguan-spiced fare… I hear you, but first things first…who would I be if I didn’t lay a good foundation for you for this healing journey for mind, body and spirit? Just who would I be? Huh?

Why definitions?

Well…because changing your eating habits changes your vibration and when one resonates on a higher vibration, for instance by becoming vegan, everything begins to change around you…you may (or may not depending on whether you are in-tune) gain access to higher levels of thought. So, the purer the food you eat the cleaner the temple and the clearer the access to Divine Truth!

Changing your eating habits is not the only way to do it… but, being in tune on these levels requires that we re-define the way we do things based on simple, comprehensible Truth! Some of us decide to ignore their calling or purpose in life, and consequently block out the need to connect to the source; rejecting guidance, direction, and alignment to this purpose and then wonder why things just don’t turn out the way they expect it to…

We come from a world where things have already been defined for us and we are supposed to just accept things as they are! Don’t question anything and please don’t think  – just eat! Just do everything how you have been taught. But check this world out for a minute! Almost anywhere we look, it is crumbling around us and people are dying from the mere fact that many of the definitions we have been conditioned by just don’t make sense. To have better health what we eat simply has to change. True or true?

With this in mind, I find it necessary to share some NEW WORLD DEFINITIONS for those of us who are forging the way forward to create a new world; a sustainable, everlasting planet simply by eating plants, changing our concepts around food, why we eat the way we do, and by changing how we define our plant-based support system. For many, changing the way they eat changes everything in their lives and therefore, things have to be redefined through the eyes of a vegan. It often has more wide-reaching effects than many people realise… affecting family, co-workers, friends, the environment, and even strangers. Let me share a couple of examples…

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